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by emotions, 16, female

March 6, 2012

Dear Diary,

--idk while im feeling like this. i've always managed to get through breakups some time or another, but this one...with sooo much tension is killin me bro. all of my previous ex's(2), we're all cool. like we're close very good friends. like i knw im completely over someone wen im truely happy for them wen they get into another elationship. and for my previous ex' im completeley cool with it !!:) but my last ex ..well i loved her bro.. but it was thiz other chick she was crushin on came up abd well.. you knw i got dumped and left looking dumb. now she's happy while im smiling but dying inside. im over her,, but if i am, why do i feel squiggly and funny about her, like i get curious an look at her fb..but why do ii do tht if i knw im goiing to feel hurt about looking at it...

idk i wanna be over this #####,,, guess im not over the situation and its sad bro

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Current Topic: Feelings
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