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Left Behind
by Angel, 13, female

February 3, 2011

The end of the world, 2012, the rapture, the day we all die, whatever you want to call it, everyone admits, it will come, and nobody knows when.
I've been reading, a LONG book series, called left behind-the children. I'd recommend it to anyone, though i'm only on book 4 of 40.
If you've read it, i hope you'll agree with me, the rapture will come, be it sooner or later, i want to be ready when it does, even though i'm afraid.
I'm not afraid of being left behind, only that my friends and family get taken. Sure, i'd be sad if i was left alone, but i think i could manage. I'd miss my closest friends though, since they'd all be taken.
What i'm trying to say is, even if you're not a christian, it's never too late. I'm not trying to push my religon on you, i'm just saying, you'll feel better. This is said towards athiests, so if you worship one god or many, please continue. You should be taken when the time comes. If you're an athiest, i don't want to force religon on you, but you should at least consider it. For the sake of your loved ones, and yourself.

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im excited of the RAPTURE (OH AND IT'S REAL!!!)

remember no one knows the time k just telling. luv ya

Hey, dude, i said sorry. Get over your problems. Uh...i mean, i said sorry, so can we just move on?

This is so #####ing ridiculous it blows my mind. Belive in god or you face eternal torment. That's pure fear mongering. A tip for all you Christians that have faith out of fear, that isn't true faith and it's exactly why you'd go to hell, if it actually existed.
Austin Hatfield

I completely forgot this post. again, i'm sorry to have bothered anyone. Those books....are creepy. I've stopped reading them now. My life's taken a complete turn, and i stopped freaking out. I just heard about that may 21 2011 thing.3 more days, and i don't believe any of it.

The Left Behind Books are FICTION. They take some references in the bible and then MAKE THE REST UP. Please don't take them to seriously. I would not recomend them to anyone who is not well founded and mature in their beliefs. I read them when I was ten and they freaked me out. Just a warning =D

angel, you're such a pure person. I understand what you're going through although I am not Christian. I have tried hard to bring my atheist friends to the light. Its very hard. I love them so much and want the best for them. I wish they would listen to me.

I'm sorry i was acting so....odd. i don't usually act so forceful. i look back on this and see it was written in a moment of self-depression. I'm sorry to have bothered anyone or been so rude. please forgive me.

People said the same thing in 1990. They said the same in 2000. Are you going to stop believing that when 2012 comes along and nothing happens? Don't be afraid. Living in fear is not living at all.

There is another date floating around too. may 21 2011 and again nothing will happen. Infact I will return here to say told you so on may 22 2011 :).

do I believe in the rapture well yes I do even though the WORD rapture isn't in the bible. I don't know when it will happen or wether its going to be pre, trib or post I just don't know. As far as 2012 is concerned its a bunch of crap. I beieve the bible so the world ending in 2012 is just not going to happen.

The bible says the world will exist forever. The PREtribulation rapture believes Christians will escape Gods wrath of on the worlds last 7 years before Jesus comes back.

Current Topic: Religion / Spirituality
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