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Latest Entries
To just...die
by Carnationxoxo, 13, female

August 14, 2010

Dear Diary,

I just want to die. To get away from this god
awful world. My parents don't appreciate me.
They beat and throw my things out. I wanted to
cut and runaway, but I know I don't have he
guts to do that. And I'm also Christian and it's a
sin to kill yourself. I cry myself every night. To
dream that someday, I can be with God. To
share my pain and despair. To be able to look
down and care for everyone I REALLY care
about. To just sleep and have an endless
happiness. To be able to feel warmth, happiness
and true love.

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Carnationxoxo, Do not give up. You deserve love, you are worth it. You just have to keep going until you find people that DO care for you, because they are out there somewhere waiting to meet you. If your parents don't love you, THEY are in the wrong, not you. Have faith in yourself and God that it will get better. Love yourself.

Don't give up your young, things seem hard now but it always gets better believe me, u have reason to live as long as you look for it.

Current Topic: Stress
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